cabosanroque es un dúo de artistas sonoros -que nació el 2001 como colectivo musical- constructores de sonidos que se aplican a diferentes ámbitos como instalaciones sonoras, artes escénicas o música, siempre trabajando con el sonido, las capacidades expresivas de la máquina y sus posibilidades para transmitir emociones.


What is CaboSanRoque, or what does CaboSanRoque do, exactly? For some people, CaboSanRoque is a band with a long history; for others, they are performers who use various devices to create different shows; and finally, for those who look at the artefacts they make without thinking too much about their music, those devices could be considered works of art.

However, we could add something else: CaboSanRoque are (pataphysical) collectors of sounds. Their machines and performances produce new sounds, which as in the collections of past centuries, range between the unusual and the beautiful, between scholarship and curiosity. All of this is condensed in space and time, in their personal collectors’ cabinets. A collection of sounds means an understanding of the multiplicity of the world of sounds, finding a hidden meaning, and on a personal level, understanding the magnitude of what is marvellous when each new sound is discovered. And we are astonished at any new sound they manage to extract from their objects.

Moisés Puente


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